Can the presence of bugs and insects be a problem for commercial property?

Commercial Insect Infestation

Preventive pest control from We Clean Pests is a vital ingredient for maintaining the health, look, and atmosphere of your commercial buildings and businesses. Office buildings, retail stores, recreation centers, strip malls, gyms, multi-use buildings, and other commercial property have to be very keen on their image. The continuous stream of visitors in and out of the commercial facility gives pests a chance to get access to the building. Once inside, pests can quickly become a huge problem for the building. Annual prevention and quick action with office and retail building pest removal service is the most efficient solution. Although any kind of pest can move into a commercial property, some are more common than others.

Common commercial property bug issues

Roaches, flies, mice, and grants are common problems. Though less frequent, bedbugs can also find their way into offices. Retail property and offices might seem like a dull place for pests, while there is an astonishing number of areas for pests to thrive inside the normal commercial property. We Clean Pests will inspect and treat frequent the areas of concerns, like restrooms, hallways, break rooms, parking garage, storage area, receptacles, loading areas, and outdoor garbage. With years of professional experience in the pest control industry, we are confident that we will be capable of keeping your building pest-free. You can view our service page for more information on commercial Pest Control Services

Signs pests are a problem in your commercial building

You can notice these pests by looking for the early signs of an infestation, which including the following:

•    Nesting materials: Most insects and rodents make nests from various types of materials, which they can get lying on the floor. They can also make nests by using parts of the building itself and this activity normally leaves some kind of test behind. Be aware of any foreign debris that appears suddenly.

•    Pest feces: Most pests leave a trail of feces and urine, and this substance may leave a vile odor in the air. Although it is upsetting to see this specific sign, it does not allow you to become aware of their presence and take actions.

•    Damage to the building: Pests such as termites and rodents will literally use the wood that they may find inside the building to build a nest. Some of this damage can be invisible, though some of it may show. Be aware of any structural damage that can be caused by pests. For instance, some rodents will chew through the wires.