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Professional Pest Control and Removal for Commercial & Industrial Establishments

Commercial Pest Extermination

Pest control in commercial enterprises requires careful planning. We Clean Pests utilize plans that involve collaboration between our technicians and your staffs. We strive to minimize work disruptions and employee displacement as much as possible.

Being pros in commercial pest extermination, we use industry tried and tested techniques. We also adhere to health and safety standards. To protect your enterprise from harmful exposure, we keep our presence highly confidential. People in neighboring offices do not have to find out what is taking place.

Among the business establishments that we service include:

  • Offices
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Pharmaceutical buildings
  • Manufacturing establishments

As a part of our cooperation with you, we conduct thorough inspections of your premises. Technicians and other support units undertake a comprehensive assessment. Upon emerging from this phase, we then proceed to come up with action plans.

Each commercial establishment has its unique pest extermination challenge. For that reason, we do not necessarily apply a standardized treatment. Based on the results of our assessment, we can customize. Both our work and technicians are licensed and fully insured.

We Clean Pests provides a written guarantee which we strictly abide. You can call us directly, send an email or fill a form provided elsewhere on this website. 

Pest Management for Commercial and Industrial Establishments

Why hire professional Company?

Commercial and industrial establishments have their fair share of pest infestations. Managing pests in this segment is a part of our core business. We have previously worked with manufacturers, restaurants, hotels, churches, schools and other corporate bodies in Edmonton.

You can opt for any of our flexible pest management options. You could sign up for a monthly or annual service. Alternatively, you can hire us on contract to inspect and handle pest problems in your facility on a seasonal basis. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we shall arrange to inspect the premises after which we can discuss the option you prefer.

Do Industrial and Commercial establishments require pest management solutions?

In both industrial and commercial establishments, you will see some similarities in their structural design. For example, in trading companies, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and casinos, you will find offices and kitchens. Pests use these areas as breeding grounds before spreading out to other sections.

To keep pests at bay, you must always keep your establishment clean. At the same time, there must still be proper sanitation. Rodents, insects, bugs, and birds need food and water to stay alive. They find shelter within the buildings that house your commercial activities. We Clean Pests adopts effective pest management strategies that allow no breeding of insects and rodents.  



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