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Squirrels are known for their capacity to cause serious damages to houses. They are able to chew many of the building materials your house is made of and can easily get access to your premises. Most often, property in Edmonton, Alberta gets infested with squirrels in the attic while the downy rodents also hide any place they feel safe. When your property is infested by a downy rodent, consider hiring a professional and immediate squirrel control. We Clean Pests offers complete squirrel control for your property in Edmonton, Alberta. Our technician applies a combination of squirrel pest control methods, to ensure complete squirrel removal and humane dispatch of the downy rodents.

  • We know you are very busy, so you can book us any day of the week and during the evenings. You can depend on us for squirrel pest control as well
  • The squirrel extermination and other rodent control services are not hourly-based and your technician will leave when the job is fully done
  • We are aware of the damage the pest can cause to your property such as chewing through cables, furniture, and pipes and assure that we will leave your home or office completely free from this pest
  • Our customer care center operates 24/7 so we are always at your service. You can contact us and ask about residential or commercial pest control anywhere in Edmonton, Alberta.

Details about Squirrels in Edmonton

What do Squirrels look like and where are they found?

Squirrels are normally small rodent with slim bodies, hairy tails, and big eyes. In general, their fur is short, soft and smooth, and differs in thickness from one species to another. The color of their fur is also highly variable and can whitish, red, grey, yellow, brown, and even black. They shelter in tree cavities or make nests in tree branches in the warmer months. When it is colder, they might shelter in tree holes, while are also known for invading homes and structures to remain warm. Although the grey ones are found in woodland areas and parks, they adjust quite easily to urban environment taking up shelter in and around buildings. They become very customary to exploiting chimneys and attics for nesting areas.

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What kinds of problems do squirrels pose?

Although squirrels are not known to carry hazardous diseases and infections, they can be tenacious in gnawing through almost everything on the way. Allowing a middle-level infestation grow into a serious issue means extreme property damaging including:

Damage to the siding:

When it finds a way in via damaged finish, it can chew these damaged areas and make the issue worse. This can let rainwater or moisture from the air to leak into the wood of your premises, causing more damages as well as let more animals and insects get into your home.

Damage to insulation

Squirrels and other rodents like sheltering in insulation. This may lead to holes or bare areas where heat and cool air can easily escape, making your expense of heating and cooling higher.

Damage to wiring

Like other rodents, they have teeth that never stop growing. Hence, to maintain them they have to chew constantly. They will chew on anything, including the wiring on your walls. This presents a fire danger since it can spark a fire.

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