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Although the four species of skunks call Canada home, the striped ones are the most popular in Edmonton, Alberta. Frictions with humans arise when the animal inhabit under porches, beneath homes or in buildings. They are omnivorous and feed on insects, plants, and small animals. Nevertheless, their feeding habit normally includes burrowing 7-8 centimeter cone-shaped holes is soil and lawns in search of larvae and insects. With a sharp sense of smell, the animals are also commonly attracted to the odor of garbage and may get into receptacles or bins. While looking for something consumable, the animals usually litter the place. Naturally shy, they are short-sighted and cannot see beyond 8-10 feet. They are most feared for the toxic spray that they emit. The body waste, odor, ticks, and fleas are also associated with this animal.

Contact We Clean Pests online or call to schedule a free inspection of your property by a technician and get a quote for skunk removal service. In case they have made a burrow on your property, an insured technician will apply alluring and trapping solutions that are both effective and considerate to eliminate the animal. At We Clean Pests technicians carrying out the animal removal procedures are insured to carry out wildlife removal services and adhere to state and town regulations. Besides trapping services, our technicians are also trained to give recommendations to clients on how to prevent the animal from entering their yard and property.

Details on Skunks in Edmonton

How can you identify skunk?

There is one assured way that you will know a skunk has invaded your home or lawn. You will smell it. These creatures are famous for sprinkling a foul-smelling liquid when they feel provoked, and getting near a human is enough to provoke the animal. It does not know you are trying to help it along, just move it on its way. To it you are just a larger animal, and, therefore, a predator. It does have teeth and claws, though the animal would rather not use it. The strongest defense mechanism the animal has is sprinkling one, and it works so good, there seems little chance in evolving it into something else yet. The animals are easily identifiable due to their bold white and black markings, and this foul smell, though that is not all you have to go on while you are trying to trap them. Just like most wild animals, they leave a lot of evidence in their stir. It will not take long before you begin seeing the little signs. Contact us to help you remove skunks in Edmonton and around.

Professional Skunk Removal

What types of problems do squirrels pose?

Skunks pose a lot of health and other concerns. Their presence can be harmful in a lot of ways. Those include the following:

Spraying people and pets

While feeling provoked, a skunk will spray people and pets with a greasy liquid containing sulfur compounds which are produced by two glands at the base of the tail. The animals are able to spray accurately up to 25 feet. The spray can be irritating and blind people and pets temporarily.

Inhabit structures

The animal will often dig a hole along the edges of the structures and take up shelter under foundations, decks, sheds, and porches. Most of the time, people do not realize that the animals are nesting on their property until the cat or dog has a confrontation with them and get access to the home sealed in the strong skunk scent.

Carry Rabies

The animals are also a severe public health threat. Among wildlife animals, they are second to the raccoon in the number of cases reported concerning rabies.

Damage lawns

They are known to tear up landscaping and lawns as they dig for insect larvae

Damage beehives

They feed on both larvae and adult bees

Raid gardens

Ungated gardens are often raided by this animal for vegetables and fruits


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