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Professional Bug, Bird, Rodent and Insect Extermination

We Clean Pests is your ultimate pest control and removal service provider of choice. We are proud to be of value to residents in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our mantra is to deploy technology in a professional and customer-friendly manner.

Whenever pests invade your home, office or business premises, you need someone to come and remove them immediately. Moreover, you want to work with exterminators that guarantee your results. Welcome to We Clean Pests; what we promise is what we deliver.

Pests do not notify you of an invasion. You only wake up one day to find that you have unwanted guests. We make it easy for you to reach us any time of the day or week. Whether you need assistance in the morning, afternoon, or evening, we are ready.

We Clean Pests has a policy that no customer should wait for more than 24 hours without us attending to them. We keep our telephone lines open and manned around the clock. Just call us, and we shall fit our removal, control or extermination services into your schedule.

Feel free to talk to us, share your challenge with our pest control and removal experts. Plus, we keep our activities discreet. No one will find out that we are at your residence.

Residential and Commercial Pest extermination and Control Services


— Commercial Pest Management

Dedicated pest management services for Commercial establishments in Edmonton area.


— Residential Pest Control

Customer oriented residential pest, bug, rodents and bird removal services.


— Industrial Bug Control and Removal

Pest Removal specialists for Industrial establishments with competitive pricing.

Residential pest infestations require urgent intervention. Otherwise, the unwanted guests will spread and settle in posing a challenge in their removal. We Clean Pests personnel pays keen attention to detail. We examine every room, piece of furniture, beddings, curtains, and closets. We understand household pests and will not spare anything to get them.

Apart from disrupting operations, pests can dent your business reputation. Your staffs could contract diseases not to mention possible fines from the regulatory authorities. These are costly consequences. We customize solutions for the eradication of rodents and bugs. Besides, we will place control mechanisms in anticipation of future invasions.

Professional Pest Control at its best

All our pest control services come with a guarantee. Like a highly trained military force, we understand our enemy. With relentless backing from the professionals in our team, we deal with rodent infestations ruthlessly.

If bedbugs are about to or have already become a menace, We Clean Pests has some of the most potent treatment plans for total elimination. Despite their ability to survive a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches are powerless in our might. We decimate them and destroy their nests.

As a bonus to all our clients, we revisit your home and commercial buildings for inspection. We do this to ascertain that our efforts were successful and to ensure that the stubborn pests do not attempt to make a comeback.


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