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For more information and complete list check out our service menu. We treat mice, bed bugs, fleas, sowbugs, wasps, squirrels, pigeons, cockroaches and many more. We also render fumigation treatment.

Do It Yourself pest control is an option, however, when you lack the knowledge that our professional exterminators have, you can definitely create more harm than good.

At We Clean Pests we always use the eco-friendliest option available, making our pest removal treatments not only effective but also less harmful to our great town. We only apply chemical pesticides if it is necessary to do so and we always make sure the health of you and your loved one is protected.

The pests are very elusive and are normally found in areas besides beds. Also, they live for months without feeding and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures from nearly freezing to 120 degrees. You can control them with vigilance, continuous inspection, and treatment by professional control companies.

Actually not. Most insects have a crucial part in our ecosystem, we treat only the ones that pose a nuisance or threat to our customers.

Covering all the visible gaps, cracks and openings is a perfect way. Nevertheless, complete prevention is rarely possible. Our company specialized in mice control. Contact us to get more details.

Yes, we are always happy to offer you a free quote for your present pest issue.

We offer the following options to our clients:

  • When you want to get a quote, go to our contact form
  • Got any additional question? Contact us 24/7 on our number

No, you do not. The technicians have a stern schedule when treatments are required. In no case are monthly visits needed.

When you have doubts about what kind of spider, bug, pest, rodent, bird or roach is infesting your property, the excellent and sure way to identify it is by hiring a pest inspection with one of our professional pest control experts.

The exterminators working for We Clean Pests Company have passed safe use of pesticides training, kill germ and first environmental training courses. They are experienced in their field.



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