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Residential Pest Removal and Control

Residential pest infestation is not only worrying but also lowers your dignity. With such unwanted guests, mark you they multiply fast, you must not hesitate. You need a solution. With We Clean Pests, you are confident that we shall get rid of all pests and keep them away for a long time.

We provide pest removal and control for homeowners within Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our experts will skillfully work both inside and outside your home. We do not want a scenario where we chase pests from the inside only for the remnants outside to retaliate. Plus, if you have children and pets, we ensure that they stay safe during and after the pest removal and control exercise.

First, we visit your home to get a first-hand scope of the challenge faced. Worse still, cockroaches could be making it almost impossible for you to use the kitchen. Once our technicians complete the inspection, they will discuss with you the suggested treatment.

We are not like another fly by night pest removal and control firms. We involve our clients in everything, and that is why we want you to be on the same page with us. Also, homeowners have got questions they would like answered. We believe you would have some for us too, and we will be glad to respond.

Once we agree, our team moves in and engages its expertise in the removal of the pests in question. We have an array of pest deterrent methods that we can use depending on the nature of invasion. Despite the formulation nature of pesticides as a pest control measure, we usually resort to their use when there are no other options left.

Our primary concern is to eliminate all the pests and use other tried and tested measures to ensure that they do not come back. After calling We Clean Pests, you can now start enjoying the occupancy of your home. We have 24-hour emergency service to allow you to reach us anytime.

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