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Bedbugs are in a group of parasites that inhabit in the nest of their hosts, and the feeding behavior of these pests make them a certain issue. Related to human, the nests can include hotels, houses, and hostels; virtually any area in close proximity t where people rest or sleep. While living in close proximity to humans they may wait and feed when you are not likely to notice and return to their hiding places to avoid detection. Bed bugs normally bite people when they are resting, sleeping or sitting for a long period. Hungry bugs will get out of their hiding areas, to look for blood meal while a person is abstracted. In heavy infestations, these pests might also move under sheets or into folds of clothes to look for feeding area. When fed, they will get back to their unique behavior of hiding, and this is what makes them truly exceptional compared to other parasites. Unless you are carefully looking for bedbugs hiding in crevices and cracks, these pests can easily be disregarded. The pest spends most of their life cycle in hiding and that why they are hard to eradicate from an area. The combination of their feeding behavior and the proneness to hide makes them extremely hard pest to control.

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Are Bedbugs dangerous?

Bed bug bites are not actually hazardous. However, like any other bug bite, excess scratching may result in skin infection that can be hazardous. Bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases either, unlike the mosquitos, which is known for spreading viruses such as yellow fever and West Nile Virus. When the pests feed on one certain host over a period of time, like some weeks, for example, the human become more sensitive to the pests’ saliva, causing an allergic reaction. Nevertheless, not all people develop an allergic reaction to bed bug bites. The pests inject a small amount of saliva while feeding, which normally takes minutes. This saliva contains anesthetics which is subject to the painless bites and anticoagulants which ensures a continuous flow of blood. The only risk a human can experience from a bed bug bite is when a particular person develops a mild to extreme allergic reaction to the pest bite. Luckily, medications are available for treating the allergic reaction, like antihistamine or corticosteroids medications.

How can you identify bed bugs?

Bed bugs appear different depending on their life stage. They are very tiny and difficult to see. No matter what stage of life the bug is in, they are small and in their egg and early nymph stages they are opaque and even translucent. When a bed bug has not eaten for a while, they are flat and about the similar rough size, shape, and color of an apple seed. The bugs are possibly dangerous for people, though they may be confused for other insects. To provide the appropriate and most effective treatments, the pests must be correctly identified and found. When one array of bed bugs is missed, an entire new infestation may occur. We Clean Pests experts have received expert training to rightly identify bed bugs in any of their life stages. We have an understanding of how to identify the pests and get rid of them.

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