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Pigeons are spread throughout Edmonton, Alberta and most of the world. They are highly dependent on humans to provide them with food and places for loafing, roosting and nesting. They are often found around farms, feed mills, grain elevators, city buildings, parks, and other structures. Their primary diet consists of grain and seeds, though they also feed on garbage, insects, manure, and many other food materials left behind by humans. The birds are monogamous. The males will supply the nesting materials and look after the female and the nest. 8-12 days after mating, the female will lay 1-2 eggs that will hatch after 17 to 19 days. After hatching, the young will leave the next in about 4-6 weeks of age. What is most entertaining is more eggs might be laid before the first young leave. Peak nesting will normally occur in the spring and fall, though the birds may lay eggs, all year along provided the conditions are right.

Pigeon droppings are dangerous to human and destructive to buildings including your home. Their droppings increase the deterioration process to buildings and may lead to unattractive damage as well as high maintenance costs. It is also possible for their droppings to spread diseases to humans and animals. Some of the diseases are salmonella, encephalitis, food poisoning, and in the proper conditions, histoplasmosis.

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What do pigeons look like and where are they found?

Pigeons have wide and pointed wings, with short legs and small heads. They also have a big and rounded tail. Their coat is blueish grey. They have a soft voice with a croaky series of rolling coos. Originally found in North Africa, Europe, and Western Asia, feral pigeons have become entrenched in cities around the world. The lack of proper hygiene, deliberate feeding by humans, and cliff-type nesting places on older buildings are the main factor that allure pigeons to cities. They will inhabit roofs, lofts, drain spouts, attics, ledges, caves and many more. They also visit parks and sidewalks, where they become adapted to people feeding them. They are mostly creatures of habit and tend to nest, feed, and roost in the same site day after day. Only professional bird removal company like ours is well equipped with knowledge to offer you successful pigeon removal solutions.

Pigeon Infestation

What kinds of problems do Pigeons pose?

Feral pigeons cause damage to property. They roost on sloping roofs and ledges.


  • Block gutters and pipes with droppings. Their droppings are acidic and eat away at machinery and buildings, which can cause secondary damage like wet rot
  • Deface surfaces
  • Destroy insulation

Pigeons also carry diseases which can prove lethal for humans and pose serious risks to public health, with the old and the young being the most vulnerable. Their nests and droppings will also cause demisted beetle, cloth moths, flies, and stored product pest infestation within the building.

  • Salmonella- also referred to as food poisoning, but dropping can cause the contamination of food
  • Asthma- their droppings can dry and become dust. When inhaled, this can provoke an asthma attack
  • Histoplasmosis, listeriosis, cryptococcosis- all fungi diseases that may come from growing on their droppings
  • Diseases from parasites- they usually carry fleas and ticks which can cause things like Lyme disease and other sicknesses related to those pests.

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Are pigeons causing damage to your property or making a mess of your commercial building? Are mud swallows sheltering on your property? We Clean Pests renders nuisance pigeon control and removal services in Edmonton, Alberta, and the surrounding areas. We handle swallow control, pigeon control, owl removal, and control, and any other bird problem you might have. We adhere to all state and domestic regulations including migratory birds, and can socially and effectively handle any of your bird control requirements. We take pride in our work. Our main concern when performing control and removal services is, certainly, its effectiveness, while we also focus on the architectural appearance of the materials used in the structure.

Why hire professional bird control and removal?

  • Property value
  • Health and safety
  • Prevent unnecessary damage


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