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While all kinds of birds can become irritant, rock pigeons or rock doves top the aerial list of pests. Most compare the species to rats. Their population is abundant and when mature, they love to shelter near the location of their birth, which leads to an ever-growing flock at one place that becomes antagonistic to relocation. Some of their favorite sheltering spaces include rooftops, gutters, under the eaves of upper roofs on multi-level premises and in the spaces between roof lines. Besides the nuisance of the cooing noise, the birds are mucky. Apart from the mess created as they come, go and perch, the nests constantly accumulate dropping from young and adult birds. The fecal matter is extremely acidic in nature and might damage siding, shingles and other building materials. The droppings are also a known health risk, as it nurtures a bunch of harmful fungi and bacteria. Also, they carry lice, mites, and fleas. The potential health hazard needs the expertise of We Clean Pests.

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Why do you need a professional bird Removal Company?

Effective bird removal needs the use of reliable and certified professional deterrents to ensure a long term solution to any pest bird issue. Proper management may sometimes be complicated due to the asperity of the issue and the location. Factors which determine the perfect method of removal includes:

  • Location
  • Area of application
  • Bird species
  • Access

With many years of global experience, our bird control and removal experts are experienced in dealing with this pest and undertake routine training on the excellent technologies and processes.

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