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Spiders are creepy. They are gross. They are crawly. And we want to eliminate them as soon as we get them. At We Clean Pests, we render an effective and save spider control solution for homes and business throughout Edmonton, Alberta. We assure a harmless and lasting solution to our customers. Here is what you can expect from our spiders’ control services:

  • Safe and effective
  • Used by thousands of Edmonton families
  • Professional industry only products
  • No odor
  • Harmless to pets
  • Guaranteed
  • Peace of mind
  • Works faster and longer that Do It Yourself products

Types of spiders we remove

  • Goldenrod spiders
  • boreal cobweb spiders
  • jewel spiders
  • house spiders

Two venomous spiders

  • The western black widow
  • The hobo spider

More about Spiders in Edmonton

What do spiders look like?


  • Less than 1 mm – 170 mm in length


  • Compaction between cephalothorax and the abdomen
  • Abdomen without segments and is round to cigar-shaped, some have nodules and spines


  • Absent


  • Many have eight simple eyes with variable sizes. Two, four and six-eyed species exist, while several cave denning spiders have no eyes at all


  • Mouthparts held downwards or in front at rest
  • For paralyzing prey, for chopping up and mashing prey and for slurping liquids


  • Absent


  • Pedipalps are leg-like usually with swollen tips in males
  • Eight Legs

Abdomen tips

  • Spinnerets originate under the abdomen and sometimes prolong well beyond the tip
  • Cerci absent

What type of problems do spiders cause?

Spider bites are a major concern for the parent of young kids and families that keep pets. In general, venomous spiders, will normally not bite you unless they feel proved and threatened. Many spider bites are not considered to be harmful to humans. Very few spider bites lead to victims needing urgent medical attention and treatment. Nevertheless, Edmonton does have some spiders that can lead to some harm to humans and animals if bitten.

A brown recluse bite or hobo spider bite sometimes referred to as necrotic leads to rotting of the flesh around the area. This can spread unless treated. When you are bitten by a spider and find medical attention, it is crucial to try and catch the spider and bring it with you to the doctor. They can change and make the treatment depending on the species. Thus, make sure you contact We Clean Pests the moment you spot a spider on your property to ensure the safety of the people around. We offer professional Pest Extermination in Edmonton and the areas surrounding it.

There are poisonous spiders out there, like brown recluse, Hobo Spider and black widow, and they can have symptoms like:

  • Chills
  • Sweats
  • Stomach and leg cramps
  • Body aches
  • Tiredness
  • Rapid pulse or heart palpitation

The Hobo Spider bite may also generate severe pain and the area around the bite might turn necrotic or red and that might spread. Allergic reactions may include:

  • Hives
  • Weakness
  • Intense itching that does not go away
  • Shortness of breath

What does our spider elimination process in Edmonton include?

  • Determine the kind of spider
  • Inspect your property thoroughly including your yard, driveway, detached and attached structures, and home
  • We will treat the spider’s nests outside your foundation to protect your home
  • Physically eliminate webs from the inside and outside your home
  • Block all the entry points to prevent further infestation
  • Place adhesive traps inside your home to monitor activity

The perfect way to eliminate spider from your property is to contact our experienced spider removal company: We Clean Pests. We strive to be the best spider exterminators in Edmonton, Alberta by rendering quality customer service. We care about our clients, their property and pay more attention to their requests. Our experts tailor our solutions to ensure you have the best results.

Spider infestation

Can spider be dangerous?

All of the three thousand species of spiders found in Edmonton. Alberta are poisonous; nevertheless, their fangs are either too fragile or too short to break through human skin or their venom is too week to lead to damage. The bites of the many spiders lead to the only minor, local reactions, though a severe reaction can occur. In Edmonton, Alberta, the two spiders that can lead to serious problems are the brown recluse spider and black widow and they are found in warm climates. It is for these reasons that hiring a professional Insect removal and control company like We Clean Pests is worth the money spent.


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