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Sow bugs are crustaceans, though they choose to inhabit on land rather than in water. Provided they get sufficient moisture to serve their survival, they can spend their whole lives at one place. They love dwelling outdoors, though if the factors favoring them change their survival change, they might try to live indoors provided they have entry and moisture. Not unless sow bugs enter premises due to competition amongst their large numbers, they only get themselves indoors if the weather patterns have extremely changed. Their presence indoors is not connected to bites or allergic reactions. The problem is making the house look nasty particularly when one accidentally steps on them. We Clean Pests love it when our customers live well in their homes and we make sure our pest control services fit dealing with sow bugs completely.  We render professional sow bug removal and control services to prevent them from invading your premises at any other given time. For example, we make sure that your house is free from dampness and all debris are eliminated. This is a prompt solution to suppress the irritant from your premises and compound at large. We also apply our custom equipment for the work to make sure objects that cannot be moved can be elevated to inhibit sow bugs from hiding.

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Are sow bugs dangerous

When in small number, sow bugs are not dangerous. While if they are many, they can lead to some damages to the young seedlings. Where their population increases outdoors, they might get their ways inside your home, provided there is dampness to help them survive. They do not lead to serious issues to human beings mainly when it comes to stings and bites. They are simply an irritant when they get away into your house in huge numbers. Therefore, you can save the situation by hiring a professional peat control and extermination company to take care of them from making your home their shelter. We Clean Pests apply humidifiers to dry any kind of dampness in your house after repairing any leaking pipe and sealing any kind of cracks that can assure their entry.

Sowbug infestation

What do sow bugs look like and where are they found?

Sow bugs have a flat shape at the bottom and oval body shape. If provoked, they do not curve their body. You can identify them through their two pairs of antennae and a divided body. They have 14 legs in total and walk pleasingly slowly. In Edmonton, Alberta, you can find sow bugs in your flowerbeds. This normally happens where there are mulch and any other organic matter that may cover them when living under the moisture in those flowers. They also hide beneath firewood, particularly when it is heaped near the ground level. You can also find them beneath stones particularly where it is dumpy and moist. Where there are huge trees that shed leaves in your home, you can likely find them under those leaves. When the outdoor weather gets hot to an extent of being free from moisture, or when they have become many such that they are competing for survival, they try to seek their way in the house particularly where there are dumpy cracks and leaky water pipes. Contact us to get more information on Edmonton Insect Removal Services with well-priced packages.


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