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Despite their small size, ants have powerful jaws. They live in colonies that could have millions of these creatures. Every settlement has a queen whose work is laying eggs. Female ants do the job of foraging for food, feeding the larvae and cleaning the nest. Male ants have the least responsibility, mating with the queen.

After mating, the male ants do not live long. Ants attack other colonies and loot their eggs. Once hatched, the hatchlings end up becoming slaves of their captors. Female ants perform another critical role, defending the queen and the colony from attacks.

Ants feel the happenings in their surroundings through vibrations captured by sensors found on their tiny feet. A pair of antennae, wire-like projections above their heads help them detect obstacles or danger while foraging and defending their nests.

Owing to their small size, ants have got thick muscles that enable them to carry heavy objects. Occasionally, you may come across a group of ants dragging large leaves or a piece of meat on the ground. Entomologists estimate that an ant can lift objects of up to 10 or 20 times its body weight.

When they enter your home, ants can frustrate and cause you untold stress.

More about Ant Infestation

What do Ants look like

Ants have a “hard” appearance with a swollen thorax and abdomen. Their antennae are thread-like with the segment that attaches to the body being longer than the others. On average, they have a length of between 1mm to 50mm with elongated bodies that constrict at the middle. At the waist, there is a knob or two for some species.

Their eye size varies from large to small depending on where they live. Ants that forage at night have smaller eyes than those that hunt for food during the day. 

What is the main concern with ants?

One of the most common pests that homeowners have to fight is ants. As you might know, there are various types of ants that build colonies and make their presence known within bathrooms, kitchens, or outdoor of your sidewalk, yard, and driveway. Though most people can live with ants and welcome their presence as long as they are not near food, once they start invading larders and crawling on food, ants become the main concern.

Most ants build colonies where they can blossom which means they are continually in search of food source for survival, which can cause them into your home. A kitchen is an excellent place for ants to infest with the potential for dog food left in bowls, crumbs, penetrable food packaging, and food like fruits left out on counter tops or tables. No one likes to have pests in their home, but it can occur to essentially any homeowner. The pests normally live outdoors, sending scout ants from the colony to look for food. These ramblers are often the ants you find on the floor, in your drain, and close to food items. Human food is also attractive to ants. Once the scout gets a food source, they signal other ants to follow his way and continue to take food and bring it back to the colony.


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