Why We Clean Pests?

Edmonton based Professional Pest Extermination Company


Professional Pest Extermination and Control Company in Edmonton

We Clean Pests is Edmonton-based pest control and extermination company. We are continuously engaged in providing effective methods of eradicating ants, bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, moths, sow bugs, mice, social wasps, and pigeons.

We are deeply concerned about your wellbeing and that of your surroundings. Our expertise is in both residential and commercial property pest eradication. We use methods that are harsh on pests yet environmental-friendly.

Our pest control experts are keen to ensure that they do not harm your kids or pets. Besides, we take extra precautions to avoid damaging other assets such as furniture and important work-related documents. In many of the cases, we use the integrated pest management approach.

At We Clean Pests, we acknowledge the challenges frustrations faced by homeowners and occupants of commercial buildings. You need not to struggle with traditional methods that yield little to no results. We have professional pest exterminators on board coupled with modern and highly productive equipment.

Any attempt at removing pests at the amateur level could be counter-productive. You end up wasting your time and other resources with no results. You could put your family or pets in danger. Besides, when undertaking the exercise in a commercial building, the damage could even be worse.

However, if you hire professionals like us, you save money and enjoy a peaceful habitation long after we have left. We use fewer amounts of pest eradication chemicals and do a spotless clean-up. You can hardly tell that we were there in the first place.   


What pest control and removal Services do we provide

Our control and removal treatment focus its attention at the core of a pest infestation. We seek for total elimination and treatment of their breeding places. A We Clean Pests technician inspects your home to gain an insight into the intensity of the infestation.

We thoroughly check your living room and bedroom furniture. After that, our technicians remove the pests from areas where they are visible. Intense treatment follows with the focus being on eliminating any hidden bed bugs, cockroaches, carpet beetles, moths, and mice.

In complex situations, we shall customize treatment plans. For every removal service we offer, we revisit your home or business premises for a post control and removal assessment. It could be a pigeon infestation or a mice problem. Perhaps social wasps are keeping you on edge.

We aim to resolve any pest, bugs or rodents and take the steps required to prevent future infestations

Pests, insects, and rodents have had a history with humans. Climate change, the growth of cities and an increase in population are but a few factors that have created favorable conditions for pests to thrive. As humanity seeks to improve living conditions, insects and rodents have evolved too.

Here at We Clean Pests, we re-affirm our commitment to defend your home and business premises against pests, bugs or rodents. We go out of our way to take the stubborn creatures out of your life. We are relentless in our pursuit of unwanted visitors.

Our specialists have the know-how and a deep understanding of different localities, and industry. We are continuously finding innovative ways to eradicate and prevent future infestations.



  • We are an Edmonton based company
  • We are fully licensed and authorized to provide pest control and eradication services in Edmonton
  • Our team is always at stand-by ready to respond to your distress call
  • We have highly trained and courteous telephone and customer service staffs
  • We use the most advanced pest eradication chemicals and equipment
  • Professional pest eradication personnel
  • We are open every day of the week including weekends and public holidays
  • We maintain a strictly secretive approach while working in residential areas
  • Fast response
  • Affordable rates
  • Free consultation
  • Free quotes
  • 100 percent guarantee on our work
  • We make follow-up visits at no extra cost