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Getting stung by a wasp or bee is a painful experience and can be live menacing to anyone who might be allergic to stings. Nevertheless, it is possible to minimize these risks by taking wise precautions when outdoors and making sure that wasp and bee shelters are rightly managed. They can also be confused with bees, in certain honey bees. Nevertheless, these differ in color from golden brown to almost black and are downy than wasps. Only female wasps have a sting which they may use often when they feel provoked. In most cases, their sting leads to no harm, though it can be life menacing if you are allergic to stings. Treating their nest is usually the most efficient way to control their issue and minimize the threat of stings. They can make nests outdoors beneath eaves or, where they can gain access, they can seek sheltered places inside your home, like roof spaces, wall cavities or attics. When a nest is discovered, you should not try to remove it by yourself, rather contact We Clean Pests for expert advice on wasps and can send a wasp control professional who will be able to deal with your wasp issue appropriately.

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What do wasps look like and where are they found?

Wasps are insects that are not bees or ants and belong to the order of the suborder or Hymenoptera. There are over four thousand wasp species in the Edmonton, Alberta though only a few social are often considered pests. Unlike bees, they are predator critters that feed on other insects. Their thin waistline is one of the most visible physical features that are different from bees. Their abdomens narrow before joining the thorax, unlike bees. Some species have visible body hair. They also range in color from black to blue and metallic green.

Eaves, gutters, and soffits on the home exterior are popular wasp nesting area. Plant life and flowers allure them to yards, as do courtyards and other outdoor eating places with adhesive soda spills and crumbs that are not cleaned up. Garbage cans that are not properly sealed and routinely emptied all allure wasps that are looking for a food source. Property with lavish spiders and insects offer abundant prey for mature and developing wasps.  We specialize in Insect Control and Removal Services in Edmonton and around.

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How do we remove wasps?

We Clean Pests strongly advise against trying to eliminate wasp by Do It Yourself methods as this can be highly hazardous. Our technicians have specific equipment and wear protective gear to remove their nests safely.


Properly identifying the kind of wasp that is infesting your property is the key to successfully eliminating them. A technician might use various treatment methods depending on the species. Also, to distinguish the difference between a bee and wasp, We Clean Pests technicians are trained to identify the most common species.


Once the insect has been identified, your technician will give a treatment recommendation. The method of elimination your technician will propose will depend on a range of factors such as the location of the nest, the kind of insect, local and state regulations and the grimness of the infestation. Once the treatment plan is agreed upon, your technician will offer you a quote for services.


The method of treatment applied will differ from applying aerosols, liquid or dust treatments. Your technician will apply the exertion to the nest using a stinging insect pole when wearing protective gear.


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